Understanding CBD for Back Pain: Benefits and Side Effects

Very few things are as exhausting as back pain. It immediately occupies your mind and stays firmly rooted there. If you’re a sufferer of chronic back pain, it rarely gets any easier. A chiropractor may help for a season, but regular visits see diminishing returns. Traditional pain-killers will certainly block most of the pain, with the drawback of addiction, and tolerance, requiring more doses, with more amounts.

Understanding CBD (Cannabidiol) for Back Pain

If you’re looking to try a non-addictive, safer way to help you withstand your chronic back pain, you may want to try CBD.

CBD is a natural substance, derived from the hemp plant, often cited for its pain-killing effects. While not as numbing as opiates, it’s also nowhere near as addictive. In fact, studies have found that CBD doesn’t really bind to nerve receptors in the same way painkillers do, suggesting that it may not be addictive at all. 

This also means that CBD is more difficult to develop a tolerance for, meaning you can remain at a comfortable dosage for longer periods of time. On the off-chance you do begin to develop a resistance to CBD, you can simply stop taking it for a few days, and you’ll find that your tolerance has evaporated.

CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. CBD oil is the most common, however, it has some drawbacks. It’s taken similarly to cough syrup and works at a similar speed. However, CBD oil often doesn’t taste very good and leaves a poor after-taste in the mouth.  If you have dietary restrictions, you might also be pleased to know that CBD can be infused directly into lotions.

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CBD lotion applied topically to the area that is experiencing pain is a fantastic alternative.  It provides all the benefits of CBD, works just as fast as CBD oil, with the added benefit of not having to run it through your digestive system.  Also, a CBD lotion is also far more discrete and can be taken in public with little attention. This can also be taken on the go and is one of the most convenient ways to take CBD. 

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