What’s The Best Cbd Oil For Dogs?

Cbd Oil For Dogs

Trying to find the best CBD oil for dogs can be frustrating at times because there are so many choices. Unless you have a general understanding of how CBD works and what might be the best choice for your dog it is easy to get misled by fluffed up ads and false information. We have put together a list of things to look for that will help you determine which CBD product is best for your dog.

What Is Best For Your Dog?

Just like a human, every dog has its own needs. Different types of CBD products could affect individual dogs differently. Say, for example, if your dog has an issue with oil-based products, you may not want to give him or her excessive oil. A tincture might be better. If a tiny amount of THC could possibly interfere with your dog’s health it may be better to go with a CBD isolate instead of a full-spectrum product.

Full Spectrum Cbd For Dogs

A full-spectrum CBD product is a formula that contains very small traces of THC and other cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. In most cases, when all of the components are present in the product they work together within the endocannabinoid system to promote a higher level of wellness. In the case of a dog, or cat, or even human the only drawback is that there is up to 0.03% THC content in each dose. This is not near enough to cause a “high,” but it is a traceable amount.

Cbd Oil For Dogs

Cbd Isolates For Dogs

A CBD isolate is an oil or tincture that has been isolated from the rest of the compounds in the hemp plant. In a CBD isolate there is absolutely no THC. This also means that it is void of other cannabinoids and helpful terpenes as well. Although CBD is an amazing entity on its own when it is combined with all of the other compounds within the plant the mixture induces what is known as the entourage effect. In many cases, the entourage effect is what produces the highest level of relaxing properties of CBD.

Great Cbd For Dogs

The best thing you could do for your dog is to talk to a vet about his or her needs. Although many vets are not allowed to discuss CBD because of the lack of data, you will at least get an idea of your dog’s health. If you choose to give your dog CBD get it from a trusted source that is passionate about farming and high-grade products. High Falls Hemp NY is a family-owned company that cares and produces high-quality CBD for dogs. The best CBD products to give to your best friend are ones that come from an exceptional source. It’s easy – I love High Falls Hemp NY and they have amazing reviews as well as product selection for both you and your loved-one (your dog).