How To Lose Weight Efficiently And Keep It Off Forever

Trying to lose weight? As physicians, patients often come to us wondering about vitamins for weight loss. Almost everybody seems to be looking for a magic pill to help lose weight. So are there in fact vitamins to help with weight loss?

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It turns out that, as with most things, the answer is not quite simple.  Many of us are lacking in key nutrients. Replenishing the right nutrients can play an important role in weight loss. When we are vitamin deficient we do not feel our best and our bodies crave nutrients. We then tend not to exercise as we should and we eat a poor diet, trying to satisfy our nutritional needs—often eating foods to address these less healthy cravings.

So what is the answer? The key is to determine which exact vitamins you need as an individual. Taking a personalized vitamin quiz that helps address which vitamins you need in a custom all in one vitamin is a great way to replenish your deficiencies. We all have different needs based on who we are, our lifestyle, diet and health concerns. Thus taking a personalized vitamin quiz is a great way to get a custom vitamin tailored to your exact needs.

When it comes to vitamins for weight loss we often find that replenishing the so called “energy” vitamins can be helpful in promoting weight loss.  Which vitamin deficiencies contribute to feeling low in energy? And more importantly which vitamins can we take to boost energy and in turn, promote our efforts at weight loss? Some of the most common vitamin deficiencies are iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Lacking in these important nutrients can lead to low energy, fatigue and sluggishness. Having these symptoms is certainly not helpful when trying to lose weight.

Replacing important vitamins such as these can promote more energy which then helps give one motivation to make healthy decisions, including more activity, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty exercise and better food choices. Determining how much of each nutrient you may require is essential, as we do not all need the same amounts of each vitamin. Taking a personalized vitamin quiz to get an all in one custom daily vitamin can help determine your exact needs.

Another nutrient supplement that can help with weight loss is Iodine. Iodine helps to support your thyroid gland. This is the primary gland that regulates your metabolism. If you do not get enough iodine in your diet (it is found in table salt and many processed foods, but some of us try to avoid these things for health reasons) your thyroid can not function optimally. Thus, supplementing a safe and proper amount of iodine can be helpful in supporting your thyroid, which may then boost your metabolism to help with weight loss (but not too much as that can be bad for you).

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An often overlooked vitamin that may help boost weight loss efforts is magnesium. This key mineral assists every cell in the body to function optimally. It is an essential electrolyte that helps sustain optimal hydration and fuel all of your muscles, including the heart, blood vessels and GI tract. Thus, supplementing with magnesium can have many benefits if done correctly in medically sound doses. Helping all of your cells and body systems function at their peak level contributes to your efforts to be healthier, exercise with purpose , and ultimately to lose weight.

So it turns out there is no simple answer to miraculously help you lose weight with vitamins. However, there certainly are many things you can do beyond simple exercise and diet to help the cause. Vitamins and supplements for weight loss include those that address individual vitamin deficiencies to help reduce cravings for bad foods. Replenishing your vitamin needs with a proper custom daily blend of nutrients is a great way to boost your energy, which in turn helps with weight loss.  If you are low in essential vitamins, taking the correct dose and combination of supplements in a custom all in one daily vitamin will surely improve how you feel and in turn assist in your efforts at losing weight.