Tips and Tricks to Get Higher on Weed

Tips and Tricks to Get Higher on Weed

Smoking weed is one of the most popular pastimes. You get all the fun by getting high. However, it is not all the time that you get high. Some days you will find yourself not getting any feelings no matter how much you smoke. Other times you might also only get high when you smoke a lot. These things happen to both seasoned and beginner smokers.

Here are the ways to increase your chances of getting high on weed.

Choose a Weed With a High THC Concentration

The first way to understand the possibility of getting high on weed is by understanding its component. The weed component that gets you high is the THC. The various weed strains come with different THC levels. Medical marijuana, for example, comes with low THC levels. Instead of getting high, they are meant to relieve conditions and depressions.

The best THC levels when you want to get high are around 30 – 50%. Strains from the Joint Everett Washington Dispensary display content on packaging to help you choose the most potent one.

Change the Weed Strain 

Using one weed strain for an extended period leads to body resistance. With time you won’t get any high when you keep the same strain. However, there is a variety of weed strains to use. Choose from the various strains like Sativa, indica, or hybrid.

The various weed strain varies in quality and potency. This helps prevent the experience from becoming flat. Speak to the joint dispensary near you for the various strains available.

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Change Up Your Method 

Other than the weed you smoke, the way you smoke also matters when it comes to getting high. If you have been consuming weed using one method, maybe it’s time to switch up things. For example, if you have been smoking, look for a vaporizer or eat edibles.

When you eat edibles the THC gets absorbed into the body through the liver hence a stronger high feeling.

Change your Smoking Routine 

The psychological setup also plays a role in how you get high. When you don’t get high anymore there is the possibility you are stuck on the same routine whenever smoking. The body has since adapted to the routine hence everything feels the same. It is time to shake up your routine for a new high experience. Consider smoking in a new place, at a different time of the day, or with new people.

Inhale Deeply 

Inhaling is one of the basics when it comes to smoking. It however seems most weed users, especially beginners, have trouble inhaling properly. When new to smoking, there is always the urge to hold back when inhaling. You end up with less smoke on the lungs hence struggle to get high.

The other issue with smoking is holding the smoke within the windpipe for some time. You end up blocking the breathing system hence the embarrassing coughs.

Bottom Line 

Smoking without getting can be so frustrating. It can also be costly as you have to spend a lot of money on more weed looking to get higher. Use the above tips to get high every time you consume weed.