Good Health is a Goal of Life

What Are the Most Important Jobs in The Health Sector?

Health Sector

Health Sector

One of the most crucial sectors to society is health. This is not only because it provides employment to many millions of people, but also because it allows people to get effective treatment when ill or injured. Without a functioning health sector, we would not be able to live such long and enjoyable lives. For many, health is also a great sector to work in because it means that they can use their compassionate nature to help those in need.

Working in health is also a great choice because there is a wide range of roles you could choose to do. While all are important, some really do play a critical role in the nation’s health. Which jobs are these?

Adult Gerontology Nursing

Adult gerontology nurses perform a primary care role, and this means that they have a direct impact on people’s lives. This primary care role sees them assessing patients in a bid to make them better. As a result, they are important in people getting proper medical treatment. This role is also key because of the age range it covers. Adult gerontology nurses see anyone aged from 13 upwards, which is around 80% of the population. Without these nurses, the vast majority of people in the country would not get the specialized care they need.

If you fancy making a difference to people’s lives in this role, then studying for the right qualifications is a must. The AGPCNP BC certification is particularly crucial, as it is needed to work as an adult gerontology nurse. While this qualification can be completed at various institutions, Wilkes University remains the choice for many. At Wilkes, you can study online for maximum convenience and it was ranked as the ‘Best Northeastern College’ by the Princeton Review.


As with adult gerontology nurses though, surgeons are often classed as being one of the best jobs in healthcare to follow – along with being one of the most important. These medical professionals are responsible for performing complex surgical procedures that can often be life-saving. Becoming a surgeon requires a lot of specialized training and education. In addition, you need the ability to perform under pressure, think quickly, concentrate for extended periods, and work as part of a team.


Many treatment plans for patients make use of safe, legal pharmaceutical drugs. This means that the people who measure out and distribute these drugs are crucial – which is where pharmacists come in. As well as dispensing medication on-site at hospitals or to patients via a pharmacy store, this role can involve giving advice to people about various drugs. As a result, this role has a lot of responsibility and is very important. Without pharmacists, we could not get access to the drugs that we need when ill.

Healthcare Has Some Crucial Roles

From diagnosing unusual causes of headaches to performing key surgical procedures or safely dispensing drugs, the above are important roles in healthcare. There is also little doubt that the health sector is home to some other very important and very responsible jobs. When you think of key roles such as occupational therapist, radiographer and more, it becomes obvious just how essential all jobs in health can be.