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With the global pandemic striking businesses around the world with full force, very few offline businesses stood firm against the financial catastrophe brought by the subsequent lockdowns following the second wave of Covid-19 infections. Shops remained largely closed throughout the year and it was vital to understand how to bypass the turmoil.

Well, you can’t stop innovation and industrial advancement on a large scale. Similar things happened with the glasses industry as people were unable to get them offline or from shops. Then came SmartBuyGlasses and their innovative platform with which you can get any pair of glasses right to your home. With frame prices from £6, SmartBuyGlasses is having a great journey while satisfying customers with utmost care and performance.

Buying glasses can be a time-consuming and tricky issue because of complex terminologies associated with optical physics. However, this feature will provide valuable information to guide you better if you are thinking of buying new pair of glasses online in the UK.

Get An Updated Prescription

Are you facing difficulty in seeing nearer or distant objects? If yes, you need to visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist for an eye test. Or, if you are still facing problems with your old glasses, then also you need to visit the optometrist to get an updated prescription, which contains the corrective measures of your eyes.

With the online and e-commerce business booming on your digital device like laptop or Smartphone/tablet, you can use the updated prescription to buy a new pair of glasses online by just sitting at home. The right prescription is necessary to get the right glasses and lenses that will provide you enhanced visual clarity if you are suffering from myopia, hypermetropia, or presbyopia.

Try Prescription Glasses With Virtual Try-On Technology

Once you are facilitated with advanced technology, you should consider the generous opportunity to boost your shopping experience. Buying glasses is now super easy with the latest technology from SmartBuyGlasses. The cutting-edge Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology has satisfied millions of UK buyers in buying the best glasses.

Using the VTO tool is fun and adventurous as it enables its technology with which you can simply record a short selfie video. The video is then analysed by the VTO tool to suggest a range of designs as per your face shape. Designs include a variety of frame shapes like wraparound, wayfarer, square, oval, aviators, etc.

Get The Right Frames

Most people have their own choices and usually opt for branded glasses from Ray-Ban, Gucci, Arise, etc. but if you like something unique and versatile, you can also get high-quality branded glasses at an affordable price from the SmartBuy Collection. With the right frame, you can elevate your personality to a new level.

Shape And Size of the Glass Frames

Eventually, most people are unaware of different varieties of glasses and their shapes. If you are a regular reader, then you should consider the most comfortable frames to suit your face. While full-rimmed frames may be a little heavier but you have the option to choose rimless or half/semi-rimmed frames as well. They are lighter, seductive, and cozy.

The right frame will help cover your eyes properly from outside elements like dust, pollution, even glares.

Moreover, you should not buy glasses that are not comfortable to fit and may slip down regularly. It will give irritation and an uncomfortable feeling. You can use the Virtual Try-On tool to determine the right face structure and accordingly, buy the best-fit glasses.

Submit Your Prescription Online With SmartBuyGlasses In The UK

After choosing the suitable glasses, you can go ahead with the checkout process to enter the details of your prescription manually on the website. Otherwise, you can also email or upload a soft copy of the prescription.

SmartBuyGlasses, the global eyewear manufacturer and supplier, is known to provide quality customised lenses. Moreover, they also offer a 2-year warranty, best price guarantee with a free shipping service.