8 Unusual Causes Of Headaches You Must Know About!


When you have a headache, it becomes difficult to concentrate at work or perform your day-to-day activities. Most frequently than not, a headache might be because of stress, household pollutants, or lack of sleep, which can be taken care of easily. But if it lasts longer or turns into a severe pain then you need to take it seriously. Says Dr Ramit Singh Sambyal who is one of the best Delhi based general physician. He also added that headache might be a symbol of an underlying condition that would range from a migraine to a brain tumour. Hence, it’s good to consult your doctor directly if it happens more frequently to rule out any disease. However, there are certain factors which might be blamed for normal headaches. Here are a number of the surprising causes of a headache you would possibly not aware of!

8 Surprising Causes of Headaches

  • Weather: Temperature changes can make an individual more susceptible to a headache. According to the doctors, changes within the air pressure or exposure to heat waves can trigger a headache. Although you can’t do anything to change the weather, all you’ll do is to guard yourself from the tough sun rays with the assistance of sunglasses, scarf, and cap.