Crooked Teeth Due To Wisdom Teeth Eruption

Crooked Teeth Due To Wisdom Teeth Eruption

The wisdom tooth is the last tooth to grow in the mouth and appears in the mouth between the ages of 18-25. The growth of this tooth is often accompanied by severe pain, swelling, and discomfort. This is why many people at this age seek treatment in the emergency dental clinic for the problem. Discomfort and pain caused by the growth of wisdom teeth occur due to a lack of sufficient space in the mouth. As a result, wisdom teeth put pressure on adjacent teeth and jawbones, causing pain. In this case, the patient has to visit the emergency dentist to have the wisdom tooth removed. Sometimes the excruciating dental pain makes you visit an after-hours emergency dentist.

Is It Possible For Teeth To Become Crooked Due To The Growth Of Wisdom Teeth?

Tooth decay due to improper tooth growth or lack of space in the mouth is common. Many people receive orthodontic treatment in early adolescence. At this age, wisdom teeth are not fully formed and do not appear in the mouth. But when wisdom teeth grow, it puts pressure on adjacent teeth. As a result, the patient suffers from crooked teeth due to the growth of wisdom teeth, especially in the posterior teeth.

Ignoring the problem or not removing the wisdom teeth, a smile that has been improved after long orthodontic treatments lose its balance and beauty. So, consult the emergency dentist about your wisdom teeth.

As the wisdom tooth grows during the orthodontic period, the emergency dentist will assess the space required for it to grow, the tooth’s angle, and the possible growth path. In this way, the emergency dentist can decide on the need to extract the tooth. Please note that the emergency dentist in One, with years of experience, can diagnose your dental problem and have it treated in the shortest possible time.

Crooked Teeth Due To Wisdom Teeth Eruption

Therefore, to determine the condition and growth stage of wisdom teeth, it is necessary to perform a complete examination and radiography of the jaw by the emergency dentist, before, during, and after treatment. Visiting an emergency dentist once a year can prevent crooked teeth due to the growth of wisdom teeth. For this reason, regular visits to the emergency dentist at six-month intervals are essential.

In the rare cases where the wisdom tooth grows fully and enters the oral cavity while being healthy, it can be used as a supporting tooth for orthodontic treatment. If you have a wisdom tooth, visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible to prevent problems with its improper growth.

As your wisdom teeth are the final teeth to grow, they usually do not have enough room to grow. As a result, they will be impacted, which means that they do not fully erupt in the mouth. Moreover, they can grow in the wrong direction or angle due to insufficient space. Coming out sideways or partially are other complications of improper growth of wisdom teeth. Visit the emergency dentist to prevent affecting the nearby teeth.