Why Does a Knocked-Out Tooth Require Emergency dental care?

Emergency Dental Care

There is a simple reason why emergency dentists say that a knocked-out tooth requires urgent attention: Immediate dental treatment can save a knocked-out tooth. It is pretty common, especially among children that a tooth becomes knocked out due to an accident or trauma. Different kinds of dental emergencies among athletes and sportsmen, and women may happen, such as a minor chip or a complete tooth loss. When the whole teeth get knocked out, you may think there is no choice other than a dental implant to replace your missing teeth. However, emergency dental care can still be a beneficial solution. Here in this article, we asked a dentist working in an emergency dental clinic in Oakville to explain what to do in case of a knocked-out tooth.

What to Do When a Tooth Becomes Knocked out?

First of all, you should pay attention that when a kid’s tooth gets knocked out, you don’t need to be scared as their teeth are not adult ones and will grow again. Besides, emergency dentists do not re-implant a child’s knocked-out tooth. However, if your tooth is knocked out as an adult, you should find the tooth prior to any other actions. Also, never ever touch the root of a knocked-out tooth as it gets damage an impossible to save. The fibers in a tooth root are necessary for the healing process, and by touching it, you won’t be able to keep it anymore. So, it would help if you hold the tooth by its crown.

Your knocked-out tooth may have been dirty on the ground, so it is better to rinse it gently with tap water. Do not scrub the tooth when rinsing. Possibly you should put the knocked-out tooth back into its socket and rush to an emergency dental office with no hesitation. If it is impossible to put the tooth in the socket, keep it moist in a glass of milk, not tap water.

Emergency Dental Care

The Importance of Immediate Action

As we have mentioned above, time is of the essence if you want to save your knocked-out tooth. The tooth can survive if you put it back in its socket within five minutes. Remember, you only have thirty minutes to an hour to visit an emergency dentist. If you don’t keep the tooth in its socket or a glass of milk, and you cannot visit an emergency dentist in sixty minutes, the chances of saving your tooth decrease to a significant extent.

An emergency dentist re-implants your knocked-out tooth, and you may have to wait for two to eight weeks for the healing process. Then the endodontic therapy seems to be necessary if you want your tooth to work for a lifetime. Although the treatment is a complex procedure, it is worth saving your natural tooth rather than getting a denture or dental implant. Do not forget that all dental emergencies are like a knocked-out tooth and require urgent dental care with no worries and hesitation.