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Mother’s Day Ideas and Why We Celebrate

It’s not really about the expensive gifts. 

Do you know who officially made it a thing to celebrate mothers in the United States? President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May the official holiday- but people had the idea in mind long before.

While there’s debate about who the original founder of Mother’s Day is, many seem to agree that Anna Jarvis perhaps was the first to celebrate it in 1908. Her idea was to honor the sacrifices that mothers make for their children. Although this same foundation of appreciation is still upheld by many people in the U.S. and beyond, it has transformed over time. With the rise of commercialization, Mother’s Day has become more about spending money and less about quality time. Don’t get me wrong, a little gift never hurt anyone. But let us go back to the roots and celebrate Mother’s Day like its founders intended us to.

Below are a few ideas on how to celebrate the wonderful mother or mother-like figure in your life without resorting to breaking your wallet on materialistic things:

Find the Joy in Family Time 

Start a new tradition this year. Gather friends and family and play charades or any other family-friendly game, watch a movie, or simply talk. This is sure to strengthen family ties and communication. It’s a good idea to have everyone bring mother a homemade gift such as a painting or mother’s favorite dessert as they tend to be more personal and touching.

Give Mom the Day Off 

While moms are all-powerful and mighty– let’s face it –even superheroes deserve breaks. Maybe instead of mom making dinner again this time, you can give her the day off and take over the kitchen duties.

Go Out and About

When was the last time you took mother to the park? Have you ever tried gardening with her? These are only a couple of examples of some fun outdoor activities to do with mom on her special day or in general.

If you must resort to spending money on Mother’s Day, it may be better to spend it on an experience rather than on some thing. You can go to a museum, for example, or take a walk in a nearby garden, or watch the sunset.

It’s important to get the kids involved, too. While they may have made something at school for Mother’s Day, make sure they get to spend some special time with her. Help find a way to get the kids to be involved with some of the suggestions above. After all, it’s not Mother’s Day without the children!

Whatever your Mother’s Day plan is, be sure to remember why we celebrate.

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