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Unconventional skincare items

Let’s be honest, we all want to find the perfect skin care regimen that involves us doing the minimal effort with maximum results, because skin care is confounding and we do not always remember, or have time for it.

Our unhealthy lifestyle does not help either; we subject our skin to many makeup products that we do not always remove properly, the exertion through the day, pollution and of course, the onslaught of pathogens.

There is also the matter of nutrition provided to the skin. We often forget that our skin is an organ, that is nourished by our diet. When we do not eat well, and do not hydrate, our skin shows it.

It is therefore not uncommon for the skin to become temperamental. And you might not always have the perfect potions and creams to remedy the damage. While for serious problems you should stick to the instructions made out by your Skin specialist in Islamabad, you can rummage around in your house otherwise for some unconventional skincare ingredients that can help in improving your skin.

The Conventional Skincare Items


While we very much prefer our potatoes to be fried, thank you very much, but there is a secret side to the potatoes that you need to know.

Other than tasting good when fried and baked, potatoes also help in curbing the dreaded dark circles. You can either apply the sliced potatoes directly to your face, but you can also mash up the potatoes and apply to your face.

7 Unconventional Skincare Tips You Should Start Using in 2021

Chamomile Tea

You think highly of chamomile tea and rightly so. It is indeed very good for your health, but little did you know that chamomile tea is also excellent for your skin as well.

It helps in curbing inflammation, and therefore, reduces redness on the skin. Chamomile tea is also helpful for soothing irritated skin. Similarly, it is also effective for reducing hyperpigmentation. Chamomile tea also is helpful for lightening skin.

You can use chamomile tea in different ways; you can make DIY mask, use the chamomile tea for to make scrub etc.

Almond oil for the lips

We often neglect our lips when it comes to skin care. Dehydration and lack of adequate scrubbing can make the lips chapped. They not only look unaesthetic, but dry and chapped lips are more prone to breaking, which is a painful state.

One excellent way to remedy is by using almond oil, specifically. It helps in moisturizing the lips, and since it’s not very greasy, does not feel uncomfortable. It is also an excellent emollient, therefore, helps in balancing the absorption of water in the lips.

It is also a rich source of vitamin E and is an excellent antioxidant as well. Almond oil also has SPF, that protects the lips from the sun-induced damage.

You can directly apply almond oil to your lips, or can add some brown sugar to the oil to make for the perfect lip scrub.

Gram flour

While you might like to make yourself some delicious pakoras with the gram flour, you can also use it on your skin for some DIY skincare. There are different ways to use the flour. For a very basic face pack, you can add water, or rose water, to gram flour. This is helpful for removing the excess oil from the skin.

You can also make a gentle lightening scrub with the gram flour. Another popular recipe that also offers exfoliation with skin lightening, is mixing the flour with turmeric, honey, yogurt and lemon juice.

Word of caution

Any ingredient may lead to allergic reaction. Therefore, it is important that you first patch test on somewhere on your body or neck. If you observe tingling or discomfort, remove the product and disband the practice.

If the irritation does not go away, you must visit the Best dermatologist in Lahore.