Top 10 Bad Habits Which Cause Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Mostly we make unhealthy choices for the daily lifestyle, which need to be figured out. You need to make sure that you people are not doing anything worse to yourself. Take all the necessary steps prescribed by the doctor, and whatever your arthritis treatment plan is to follow that. Your everyday choices need to be perfect, and it depends on how you handle stress and fatigue, which affects your joints. Make necessary adjustments if it is required. Have a look at the following bad habits that need to be avoided.


People who are overweight would have more arthritis disease. The more you weigh, the more stress your knees will have. Extra weight always burdens joints in your hips, back and feet. Weight increases the strain on different areas of joints. Fat secretes inflammatory chemicals which cause joint pain and increase the risk of arthritis and other chronic conditions. Two conditions affect the joints. Osteoarthritis is a type of wear and tear of arthritis where cartilage. Similarly, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks and damages the joints.

Texting Using Thumb

Do you know continuous use of the thumb puts stress over the joints of hands? Well, these days everyone is scrolling up and down with their thumb and texting as well. Texting with the thumb would irritate the tendons and place 12 times pressure on thumb joints. Thumbs are responsible for 60 percent of hand functioning. If you need your thumbs in good working order, minimize the texting or use voice function to free your hands. Texting is not great for your shoulders and neck as well. You may have bent your neck all the way forward, so your chin might be touching the chest, which puts tremendous strain on the neck.

Wearing High Heels Shoes

High heels are considered as the worst shoes because they provide poor support to the feet. High heels put your feet in awkward positions and stress joints as well as strain muscles. Wearing high heels makes your thigh muscles work harder to keep the knees straight. Women who are used to wearing high heels daily would have increased chances of osteoarthritis and foot pain. Why don’t you swap high heels with supportive walking shoes or sneakers? Such shoes would keep the back pain away from you.

Cracking Knuckles

Although there is a myth cracking knuckles causes hand swelling and makes your grip more weak. Many of you may have a bad habit of cracking knuckles, which results in a burst around the joints. The best way to break the bad habit is to replace this one with a healthier habit. Take a stress ball to strengthen muscles in hand and develop increased grip strength.

Carrying Heavy Bags

Carrying a backpack or bag on one side. We are used to carrying heavy bags on our back and whether it’s a backpack or a messenger bag would place lots of stress and strain on the neck, shoulders and back. When you people carry a heavy load then it affects the balance and the way you walk. It increases stress on muscles and joints on that side of the body, and you may express more pain in joints. It’s important to lighten the load and avoid carrying unnecessary objects.

Relying On Wrong Muscles

Both large and small muscles in the body. Never rely on small muscles to make movements. Avoid placing unnecessary stress and strain on joints. Make sure you people are performing physical activities which minimize the stress on joints. Bend your knees when you lift something heavy off the floor. Use your shoulder muscles instead of finger muscles for opening the heavy door or carrying something.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach

Yes, you may snore less because you sleep on your stomach, but the rest of the body would suffer a lot. People who sleep on their stomachs will twist their heads and necks to the side. It places stress on nerves and compresses the spine, which increases spinal alignment. People who want to sleep in a neutral position so the head and neck are in a straight line with the spine to reduce the strain on the back and muscles. Avoid sleeping on your stomach and switch to sleep on your side or back. Side sleepers and back sleepers promote healthy spine alignment.

Bad Habits That Could Be Making Your Knee Pain Worse: Rheumatology Center of New Jersey: Rheumatologists

Don’t Skip Stretching

If you are skipping regular stretching, then it improves flexibility and eases down the joint pain. Make sure you are working out or stretching before workouts. It strengthens muscles and tendons, lubricates joints and boosts the abilities. Strong muscles support joints and stability, so stretching is a great way to maintain joint health. Warm-up before exercise by active stretching. It involves movements and stretching boosts blood flow, increasing muscle temperature and getting the muscles ready for activity.

Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol consumption would trigger so many health complications, and it depletes the body of water and nutrients, increasing inflammation. This type of inflammation increases arthritis joints pain. Avoid alcohol intake, and if you are an alcohol addict, you need to keep this thing in mind it will ruin the joints’ health. People living in Indiana would have a chance to get rid of this abuse under the supervision of experts. There are so many rehabilitation centers in Indiana providing the best treatment therapies.


Tobacco products are not good for any part of joint health. Nicotine decreases the blood flow to bones, tissues and discs in the spine. Nicotine reduces calcium absorption, which also interferes with the estrogen in the body. Women need estrogen for maintaining healthy bones. Smoking would inhibit the new bone formation, making your joints weaker than they should be and increasing the possibility of suffering from a broken hip or joint injury. Quit smoking and tobacco use because it depresses the immune system functionality.

These are the bad habits that would cause joint pains and if you want to live a healthy life, then avoid these as much as you can because it won’t give you anything, just pain. Always go for healthy workouts that don’t put stress over the joints because they minimize the risk of arthritis.