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The Appropriate Action to Take When You Have a Knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is one of the most traumatic dental emergencies you can have ever experienced. Having a tooth knocked out is a considerable and challenging dental emergency, making people extremely nervous and confused to make the right decision. Nevertheless, if you put a little effort into finding a solution, you can solve any problem. The significant difference between having a tooth knocked out, and other dental emergencies is the importance of your quick reaction to the situation. According to the experts who offer affordable emergency dentistry in Vancouver, although you may be careful and protective about your oral health and do your best to have excellent maintenance, an emergency knock-out tooth can result from unexpected accidents in different situations. In emergency dentistry, the word avulsed is used to describe a tooth that is completely knocked out. A knocked-out emergency tooth is intact, containing the entire root and crown without being cracked or broken. Whether it happened to you or not, all emergency dentists emphasize having adequate information to better control emergency circumstances to save your oral health.

If you or one of your loved ones experience an emergency injury leading to a knocked-out tooth, it’s essential to act as quickly as possible. The sooner you visit your emergency dentist, the better chance you gain of saving your teeth healthy. Here we explain the necessary steps you should go through when you have your tooth knocked out.

Find the knocked-out tooth: after you control the other emergency pressing injuries like uncontrollable bleeding or head wounds, it’s time to find the tooth. Your emergency dentist has the knowledge of re-implanting your knocked-out tooth into the socket if you succeed in keeping your knocked-out tooth healthy enough until you visit your emergency dentist.

Keep the knocked-out tooth in proper condition: each tooth has the root covered in tiny ligament fibers, making it able to attach to the surrounding jawbone. The emergency treatment can give you the best result if you keep those fibers undamaged and moistened, which means you should avoid cleaning the knocked-out tooth. Emergency dentists recommend holding your knocked-out tooth in a small milk or saliva container or inside your mouth if the root is relatively clean.

Call your emergency dentist: at this stage, you will ultimately realize how having a great relationship with your emergency dentist can be helpful. Dental emergencies, including having your tooth knocked out, can occur at an unexpected time of the day or night. Yet, contacting your emergency dentist is essential, even if it’s after office hours. Ask your emergency dentist about the closest time you can visit him and what you should do if it’s not possible to see him right away.


Follow the emergency instructions: remember it’s essential to listen to whatever your emergency dentist recommends you after having your emergency treatment done. The necessary instructions usually include gentle mouth rinsing and modifications to your regular dental hygiene routine.

Compared to other dental traumas, losing a tooth is one of the most urgent dental crises, so treat it accordingly!