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How Important Is Your Eyesight For Driving?

Eyesight For Driving

Eyesight For Driving

Auto-maneuvred car is the next best thing but for now, when it is still in the early phases, driving by self relying on your own two eyes is the norm. Your eyesight is crucial for driving. A slight defect in your eyes affects your visions which may result in a mishap on the road. You can drive wearing prescription eyeglasses.

Different eye conditions can impact your driving and put your life at risk. You can correct your vision with cheap prescription glasses or with contact lenses. After correcting your eyesight, you can drive smoothly and safely.

Myopia and Driving

Myopia is the most common eye defect. Old folks blame it on the TV, and we blame the old folks. Myopia is genetic and is common in growing children because of the change in the shape of the cornea.

You can see near objects, signboards that are near. Only far away things appear blurry. If you feel your eye defect is only minuscule and won’t affect your driving, you can drive without glasses. Eye prescriptions with power as low as -0.5 do not require glasses. You are safe even without glasses.

With eyesight power more in the negative area, you should wear your glasses regularly even if you feel you do not need them. You will not be able to see the signboards in far off distances. It will inconvenience you.

By wearing simple glasses, you can get rid of this issue.

Hyperopia and driving

Farsightedness is dangerous for driving. You can see afar clearly. But for driving, you need both your far and near vision. You need to keep a tab on your dashboard, check the directions on GPS navigation, check the fuel tank and speed limit.

Wearing reading glasses for driving is even more dangerous. You will be hindering your far vision. Use bifocal reading glasses or varifocal reading glasses instead. Your distance vision is not obstructed by your reading glasses. You can see both far and near clearly and drive safely.


When you cannot see clearly either far or near, you can only rely on glasses. Varifocal glasses will be perfect for you. Either reading glasses or regular far-seeing glasses provide only half the vision and hence not helpful when driving. Varifocal glasses enable you to see clearly at all distances. You can read signs on the roads, see the number plates of the cars on the road and even keep a tab on the dashboard. You can see clearly in the normal vision range without any vision distortion or having to adjust your glasses.

If you work in a regular 9-to-5 job in front of a computer, get blue light blocking glasses. These glasses are optimum for use in front of digital devices and also function when you are driving. They block the excess glare of the sun. And with X-Blue UV from Specscart, you are blocking blue lights as well as UV rays.


Astigmatism is accompanied either by myopia, hyperopia or both. If you have astigmatism, you will have trouble seeing along the horizontal and vertical axis. Get your cheap prescription glasses corrected for astigmatism and see clearly with your eyeglasses. Astigmatism does not pose much threat while driving, but it stains your eyes when you have to focus hard on something to see clearly. It is better for you to get accurate vision glasses than to suffer inconveniences on the road.

Light Sensitivity

You can become sensitive to light because of excess liquor consumption or from injury to your eyes. With sensitive eyes, it will be difficult for you to open your eyes. You can wear anti-glare glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare. You can also use transition glasses that turn dark shades when exposed to light. These glasses will give you clear vision without hindering your view.

Other Eye defects

If you have obtained your driving license through legal channels, then your vision is fit for driving, and you can drive safely. If you suffer vision defects later in life, you should consult your optician about whether you should drive or not. If you are advised against driving, then it is not that bad to get chaperoned around. Remember, driving is not just about your freedom. It is about safety on the road.