Do Personalised Vitamins Benefit Health?

Personalized vitamins: Benefits, risks, and considerations

Companies selling personalised vitamins claim they adapt their supplements to the particular health requirements of a person. However, taking supplements this way carries some risks. There are certain companies that claim to sell tailored vitamins that they can modify as per the genetic makeup or health conditions of an individual. They vary from traditional dietary supplements that offer the same kinds and amounts of vitamins to any person who consumes them.

The majority of the companies selling such vitamins claim to base their personalisation on an online survey that customers can complete within just a few minutes. Such questionnaires gather information on an individual’s:

  • Intake of certain dietary staples, such as food sources of calcium or vegetables
  • Health concerns
  • Medications
  • Level of physical activity

There are a lot of companies that may even claim to base their vitamin personalisation as per the DNA test results of an individual. This testing comes from nutrigenomics, a scientific field that investigates the way the nutrient intake, health, and genetic makeup of a person interact. Such companies claim to make use of these test results to forecast the risk of developing a variety of diseases at the same time as recommending the intake of certain personalised vitamins.

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Even though there are several studies on such vitamins, however, they are limited. There is little research to support their benefits, especially in comparison to non-personalised choices.

The government exercise limited oversight over companies selling such vitamins. An older study found that such vitamins may not just fail to improve health, but the companies selling them may provide unreliable or misleading health information.

One of the key claims of such services is that they tailor supplements to the health requirements of an individual. The study looked into the precision of this claim by making use of fake profiles to explore several companies offering this service. The studies were not certain if these products were able to benefit the health of an individual.

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