Everything to know about Melanotan

There are lab-made chemicals used for different purposes. Melanotan is a synthetic chemical. This is similar to other hormones found in the body. Initially, this chemical was created to treat different skin conditions. However, different sellers sell this chemical as a supplement.

Melanotan is a chemical that is beneficial for skin tanning. However, it is effective in treating problems in men, such as erectile dysfunction. It is to be mentioned that Melanotan is considered safe when it is taken in appropriate dosages. A lot of people confuse Melanotan with melatonin. This is not right as these two are separate and different chemicals.

Working of Melanotan

You might be interested in knowing the working of Melanotan. This is similar to a hormone present in our body, i.e. melanocyte-stimulating hormone. This hormone is responsible for increasing the skin’s darkening pigments. Moreover, Melanotan also works to stimulate penis erections in men.

Positive effects of Melanotan

Research has shown the possible effects of Melanotan 2 on the human body. It is to be mentioned that Melanotan is effective for ED or erectile dysfunction. One shot of Melanotan under the skin helps to treat ED. Men can have a proper erection with the help of the doses of Melanotan. This controls the darkening pigment in the skin. Therefore, people have been using injections to get tanned skins. However, the evidence is low for skin tanning.

People have been using this chemical for different purposes. However, some studies show insufficient evidence for different purposes, such as fibromyalgia, rosacea, skin cancer prevention, and skin tanning.

Side effects of Melanotan

In addition to positive effects, every chemical has some side effects that people have to face. The same is the case with Melanotan.

Melanotan 2: The Skin Tanning Peptide | Jay Campbell

There are some side effects associated with the use of Melanotan. When it is given as a dosage, it can cause spontaneous erections, darkened skin, yawning, tiredness, flushing, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, and nausea.

People with light skin can face new moles or change the shapes of moles. This results due to the use of Melanotan. One technique to use Melanotan is to spray it in the nostril. However, there are not enough studies that support this use of Melanotan.

Warning and precautions

People have to be precautious when using chemicals. The same is the case with the use of Melanotan. There is not enough information that supports the fact of using Melanotan in pregnancy and breastfeeding. So it is better to avoid the use of Melanotan during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Dosage of Melanotan

The right dosage of Melanotan helps to achieve the required results. Moreover, the right dosage can prevent the onset of side effects. The dose of Melanotan is 0.025 mg/kg if you are using Melanotan for treating erectile dysfunction. The typical use of Melanotan 2 for skin tanning is 0.025mg/kg.

It would be great to consult with the physician before using chemicals and medicines. You should not start using chemicals without proper recommendations.