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The Most Important Health Dangers of Having Crooked Teeth

Crooked and misaligned teeth are common dental issues among children and adults. Professional dental specialists highly recommend that these severe dental problems should be paid more attention to because by leaving them untreated, several serious consequences will arise that require further complex treatments. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry science takes pride in providing excellent and successful methods to fix your misaligned teeth properly. Based on the information provided by an expert in My Dentist Vancouver, orthodontic treatment is one of the most effective methods that are highly requested worldwide to bring your smile back to life. Here’s some helpful information that will motivate you to undergo orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.

Possible Health Problems Caused by Crooked Teeth

Gum Diseases: Since crowded and misaligned teeth can create more hiding spots for bacteria and infection to build up so the risk of several gum diseases like gingivitis, gum recession, and bone loss will increase.

Lack of Good Oral Hygiene: Brushing and flossing crooked teeth can be strenuous if your teeth are crowded. As a result, bacteria can grow in every corner of your mouth and lead to many other health issues.

Headaches: In some cases, you may have your teeth to blame if you suffer from frequent headaches. When your teeth are crooked, they don’t come together correctly, so the jaw tries to compensate for the crowded bite, which can cause stress. Headaches and even neck pain are the common side effects of this stress.

Difficulty Chewing & Speaking: Misaligned teeth cannot chew the food as properly as straight teeth, which can cause problems for your digestive systems. Besides, pronouncing some particular words is harder with crooked teeth.

Teeth Damages: As Usual, crooked and misaligned teeth are crammed together with no space between them. This problem can lead your teeth to rub against each other and damage your teeth’ enamel. These issues will highly increase the risk of tooth decay.

Lower Your Self Esteem: It should be noted that, on the top of the list of physical issues caused by misaligned teeth, there are also emotional problems that can affect your self-esteem. Misaligned teeth can make you embarrassed to smile, and as a result, your self-confidence will be decreased gradually.


The Best Solution

As we know, those who smile more are happier people, and even they have more opportunities in their social life. Please don’t hold back from smiling because orthodontic treatment is the best cosmetic dentistry option to solve your problem correctly. No matter how old you are or how severe your crowded teeth are, orthodontic treatments have the potential to create beautiful results. There are various options of orthodontic treatments that you can choose from with the help of your professional orthodontists. But in general, all kinds of specific methods to move misaligned teeth into their correct position. The vital point that you should keep in mind is that the process of this procedure is slow and steady, which is an essential item to move safely, so you should be patient enough to achieve what you deserve. In this treatment, the right amount of pressure should be applied to your teeth when the braces stay affixed to the teeth for a period of time. As a result, crowded teeth will gradually move to their correct position and gift you healthy, straight teeth.