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Which Drinks Can Cause Lasting Damage To Your Skin?

Drinks Can Cause Lasting Damage

Drinks Can Cause Lasting Damage

To paraphrase the famous phrase of Hippocrates, we can say: “We are what we drink.” The drinks we consume effects our health as much as our habits and lifestyle. If a person drinks enough water, their body usually functions, and their skin looks fresh and radiant. But it is worth replacing ordinary water with healthier drinks.

Main Enemies Of The Skin

People with sensitive skin know that if they eat something wrong, the skin will immediately react with inflammation, irritation, or acne. The relationship between skin and food is clear. Nutrition and diet systems reduce allergies, rosacea, or acne.

So, the question arises that drink like juice, can they do any harm? It turns out, yes! This is maybe because it does not contain much useful ingredients. Which ingredients of drinks are dangerous for the skin? Let’s find out.

1. Sugar

Hidden sugar is present in almost all industrial foods, from bread and cold meats to juices and nectars. The higher the sugar content of food, the more damage it can cause to the skin. The fact is that glucose molecules are directly involved in glycation – the “gluing” of collagen and elastic fibre process. As a result, skin loses its elasticity and ages faster.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the skin and deprives it of nutrients, accelerating the aging process. All of these processes involve acetaldehyde, a decomposition product of alcohol, which is very toxic. Besides, alcoholic beverages often contain sugar, which helps raise blood insulin levels.

Prolonged consumption of alcoholic beverages will lead to the formation of persistent inflammation and redness on the skin, causing capillary breakdowns. Thus, to avoid such a condition, you must quit alcoholism. You can even find several alcoholism treatment options to improve your life and skin for better.

3. Caffeine

It can be useful and harmful at the same time – it all depends on the concentration. A cup of coffee in the morning is unlikely to harm, but 5-10 cups during the day are definitely harmful. On the one hand, caffeine is a powerful antioxidant, while on the other, it is a powerful diuretic.

When consuming large amounts of coffee, symptoms such as dry and dull skin, thirst, dehydration appear. In addition, caffeine reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food. And when the body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, all organs become dull.

Most Harmful Drinks For The Skin

Let’s see how different drinks affect skin conditions!

1. Fruit Juice

We are not talking about freshly squeezed juices, which are easy to make at home, but about packaged drinks sold in any supermarket. They are high in sugar, food coloring and flavoring. But the content of vitamins is minimal.

Most juices and nectars get prepared from the concentrate obtained by pressing and evaporation of fruits. In the manufacturing process, a massive share of nutrients is lost. At best, the manufacturer compensates for it by adding a couple of vitamins, which are visible on the labels.

2. Sweet Soda

Everything you hear about fruit juices is also true for soda. But there is one significant difference. The negative processes that occur after drinking carbonated drinks are faster because sugars get absorbed faster due to carbonation.

Sulfurous acid salts, which are used as a dye, also undermine the health of the body. Besides the fact that they often trigger headache pain and contribute to the occurrence of allergic reactions and rashes on the skin.

3. Coffee

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Research from the University of Maryland revealed that the caffeic acid in coffee is a powerful antioxidant and can slow down the aging process. In theory, it improves the appearance and condition of the skin.

But in practice, the abuse of caffeinated drinks brings substantial harm. Anyone who drinks a lot of coffee, as a rule, suffers from constant thirst. His body gets dehydrated and his skin tends to dry. You can recognize a coffee lover by dull complexion and dehydration lines.

4. Energy Drink

The high concentration of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks turns them into a dangerous calorie bomb. Some of them also contain caffeine, which lead to fine wrinkles and creases on the face, accelerating the aging process. Side effects of the use of energy drinks are often age-related acne and dry skin in the T-zone.

5. Beer

“Beer contains both sugar and salt and therefore contributes to the onset of edema,” says Angela Caglia, a certified skincare specialist. So, if you drink beer in minimum amount, it won’t cause much; however, if you abuse it, results can be devastating.

Interestingly, due to the content of hops and yeast, beer has some benefits for the skin too. But all of them get entirely cancelled out by its abuse. However, some spas in Ohio, USA, offer beer-based facials and massages to clients.

6. Milk

With milk, too, everything is not easy. On the one hand, it is an irreplaceable source of calcium while on the other hand, it is really useful only for children. The older we get, the less we need milk due to physiology. The adult body can no longer completely process milk protein (lactose). Its use does not bring any benefits; thus, it would be best to reduce the usage of natural milk to a minimum.

Milk abuse at maturity is one of the causes of swelling, swollen eyelids in the morning, acne (due to hormones and antibiotics it contains), and fluid accumulation in the large intestine. There is even such a term as “milk face,” which arises due to excess love for this product.

Take Away

Excess sugar, alcohol, and caffeine are extremely harmful for your skin health. An excess of these ingredients in drinks lead to disruption of the hormonal system. Thus, it increases the risk of early aging of the skin, weight gain, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, liver, and osteoporosis. So, if you want healthy and glowing skin, you must quit the drinks mentioned in this article.