What Is The Best Age To Get Married

In the USA, but also all over the world, a lot of people are divorced. The reasons for this are numerous – from the quarrel on finances to the fact that the couples after a while realize that they do not “have much in common”. But it has always been believed that as long as people are waiting for marriage, their divorce chance is smaller. One research has assumed this hypothesis. There seem to be certain years when it is best to marry. The counselling clinic oakville will advise you on this matter.

When to marry?

The best years of marriage for the late twenties, while the risk of divorce after the early thirties is increasing.

The divorce rate for persons who marry before 32. each year of marriage decreases by 11%, and by 32% each year increases by 5%.

Previously it was believed that later marriages have a greater chance of survival. Which is quite logical. People have been financially and emotionally more stable for years. But this research has shown that today the situation is different.

Namely, people waiting until the thirties are people who simply do not have a predisposition for marriage, they intentionally put the “waiting” marriage on because they have a problem with interpersonal relationships, which later on affects their chances of divorce. While on the other hand, people waiting for a marriage have no such choice later because all the people with the predispositions to be good spouses are already busy, and later they will be faster to divorce.

Of course, many factors influence marrying, and the most common is the financial one. A lot of people are in long-term relationships and are waiting for marriage because you can not afford it, which is often the case with us. Such couples get married as soon as they think they can afford it. On the other hand, there are people who do not trust marriage, so they live with a partner without a “formal signature”. Finally, there are also a few people who have nothing against being single.

It is worth noting that not every state has the same understanding of marriage, so divorce reasons are often more complicated and depend on culture, but also on other conditions in which people live.

Statistics often indicate that the divorce rate is quite high. The average age of women married is 28 years, while 25 years ago they married for an average of 23 years. And men today marry later on with 31 years of age.

Even if you think that most people are getting married fast enough, for example after 5 years of marriage, statistics show that divorced persons were married at an average of 14 years.

Although such statistics often frighten us, data show that getting married in your late twenties is the best option if you want your marriage to last.

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