What is so Different About Vapes?


Humans are a smart species. We are always on the lookout for different ways to get pleasure. Among them, one that has been popular for over years is the consumption of tobacco. It all began with humans burning the tobacco tree leaves directly. Then it got rolled in a fancy paper. But this too was messy. Now the latest invention is vaping. This is the vapour form consumption of nicotine. There is no direct burning of tobacco. The nicotine being used is in liquid form so no left-over ashes. There are no stains on your clothes. The nicotine usage is faster and lasts longer. The experience is smoother, it does not hit the throat directly. The person using it is also happy and those next to him are not affected. There are many new designs and models from Geek Bars that offer a different quantity of nicotine.

What is Special About the Disposable Variety of Models?

There are disposable as well as reusable models. The disposable ones are the cuter and smaller version for those who like to keep it sleek and simple. Those who are always on a run. It is just like a highlighter pen and can fit in your pocket or purse. Elf barsare available in so many different flavours. Such as mango, lychee, blueberry and so on. You can have almost a new one every day of the month. They do not have a button. The battery is prefilled and sufficient to make use of the full quantity of the nicotine. The pod too can not be refilled. It has around 2 ml of liquid having 20mg of nicotine. The battery is 500mAh. So, you can have a happy and long session when you like and wherever you like. Now that there will be no smoke; as the regular cigarettes, you can sit with your friends and colleagues and enjoy it indoors as well.

What is so Cool About it?

The number of flavours that are being offered by Beco Bar is the main attraction. Each flavour also comes in a new colour. So, you could match it with your dress and go on to show off. You can make it a new trend to match the vape with your outfit or occasion. Since you are not giving out any smoke there is no wastage. Also, this means that there is no passive smoking. You can be with your family even kids. You will not have to be a lonely person anymore. Even the smell in your clothes will not be pungent. You will be welcome everywhere. This will help improve your social image not just virtually but also physically. You will be more confident as you know there is no ash. The small packs are affordable as they come in mixed flavour. You can buy one and have the fun of multiple flavours when you like. Geek vapes are the new love of the young smoker community. You too must try one!