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What Is a Smear Test? Read Below to Know All

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Before we get into the details of a smear test first let’s understand why is it done and what are the reasons to test these?

Reasons for The Test

The smear test also known as Pap test can detect precancerous cells. That means the cells that have a chance to develop into cervical cancer. So, before you get cancer, these cells are removed. Cervical cancer is the reproduction of abnormal cells on the cervix of the female genital organ.

Things to Consider Before Testing

You need to get ready for the test. There are a few restrictions which you need to follow in order to get the best test conducted. You should not have sexual intercourse, put on vaginal creams, tampons, and other essentials. Try to adjust your test date between your period days.

Procedure of The Test

You’ll lie on a chair with your feet in stirrups. A speculum will be used to open your vagina and the doctor will see your cervix. The doctor will use a swap to remove a few cells from your cervix and put them on the glass slide to send for testing to the lab. The Pap test is totally painless and it should not take more than a few minutes.

Results of The Test

  • Normal: if you get a normal report it means there are no cervical cells detected and you don’t need to worry about it. And should be waiting for your next scheduled test.
  • Abnormal: if you don’t get a normal report it does not mean that you have cancer. It may be just the change of cervical cells. They might be the cells which cannot be classified into normal and abnormal too. Abnormal smear London test are between two extremes: high-grade, low-grade. Low-grade cells are slightly abnormal. But high-grade calls can turn into cervical cancer. Your doctor will tell you the details about the test and explain what to do next.

Reasons of Abnormal Results

The reasons may include Inflammation, Herpes, HIV or Infection. These are the few reasons of getting abnormal results too. As told before, if the test is abnormal it does not mean it is cancer.

What to Do Next?

If the doctor confirms the risk of cancer the biopsy will be done. And if the test confirms the cancer,

The treatment will be given according to the stage and tumor grade.