Treatment of Opioid Dependence: The Role of Suboxone and Sublocade

The USDA has approved a few prescription medications like suboxone as well as sublocade which are registering high rates of success stories in the treatment of drug, opioid as well as other kinds of substance addictions in all the sublocade treatment centers.

The reasons why these drugs are so successful amongst the patients are because:

  • They allow all the patients to wean off Opioids in a safe and slow manner
  • They carry extremely low risk of abuse

All of these suboxone doctors in New Bedford are highly qualified and are specially trained to handle high risk patients, while some of them even are board certified.

What is the Process of Suboxone and Sublocade Treatment of Opioid Addiction?

Suboxone has naloxone and buprenorphine which are active ingredients in its composition.

  • They aid in the controlling of all kind of drugs cravings in the suboxone clinic near me
  • Aid in the prevention of any kind of relapses too.
  • Having the ability to attach itself to the exactly same receptors of the brain as the other Opioids, buprenorphine has thus gained the name of a partial agonist.
  • It also aids in the reduction of any kind of physical cravings the patient might experience whenever they are undergoing the detoxification process in the suboxone treatment clinics.
  • The other composite, naloxone is also an opioid antagonist.
  • It successfully blocks any kind of receptors which are activated by the usage of opioid drugs in the brain.
  • The function of it is to work as a protective agent which will aid in the prevention of any kind of immediate withdrawal symptoms on people who are abusing the drugs

There are multiple addictions that suboxone as well as sublocade, according to the suboxone treatment doctors fight against and some of them are listed below:

  • Heroin
  • Opium
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Codeine
  • Hydrocodone or Vicodin
  • Oxycontin

Steps to Follow while Administering Suboxone by the Self

  • Take two fingers and hold the Suboxone film
  • Hold it at the outside edges while you are administering it by yourself
  • You must keep it exactly underneath the tongue
  • Keep it close to the base
  • Keep it on your left or the centre or even right, whichever suits you.
  • Setting the tablet correctly, you will have to wait for at least 4 to maximum of 8 minutes.
  • Minimum 15 to maximum 30 minutes time for a sublingual film to completely dissolve your system.
  • Remember not to swallow it or bite or chew it. You are not even allowed to move the film inside the mouth because that will immediately reduce the impact of the medication.

While the suboxone is a tablet, sublocate is an injection which is given by a doctor in a suboxone clinic in New Bedford, every once in a month, in an intermediate period of 30 days. Intake of sublocade causes the patients to feel privacy as well as discretion through the process of their recovery.

However you have to remember that prior to using sublocade, you have to be first given any form of buprenorphine for at least a week.

Are there any Advantages of suboxone and sublocade?

In 2002 FDA had approved suboxone to be used as a drug for opioid and drug abuse treatment but in 2017 sublocade came and revolutionised the way how this treatment is conceived. Although sublocade is preferred in today’s time because it is faster and effective as a treatment because you just have to go to any of the suboxone doctors near me once in 30 days and get the shot and be done with it for another whole month, not worrying about missing dates or whether you are taking an overdose or not.

But suboxone also in its own simplicity is easy to maintain because you do not have to go to a doctor or worry about an appointment to keep. All you have to do is get a particular time in your schedule and put the tablet inside your mouth and wait for 15 to 30 minutes for it to dissolve on its own. Nothing more is required.

In order to reclaim life and fight the side effects of withdrawal which are potentially deadly, both these roles are extremely impactful in:

  • Prevention of any symptoms of withdrawal which is Cold Turkey
  • Allowing the patients to slowly and painlessly wean off Opioids
  • Being aware of the slight possibility that you might abuse Opioids because they will not make the patient feel high is there.
  • Reduction of withdrawal syndromes and cravings
  • It will not create any kind of long term harm to the patient