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The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Sweden

The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Sweden

The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Sweden

It is relatively easy for foreigners to purchase property in Sweden and there are no legal restrictions against doing so. In fact, in most cases the real estate transfer is easy and quick. In the majority of cases whenever purchasing property in Sweden only an agent or broker’s services is necessary and in some cases a lawyer is not even used. Apparently, the process of purchasing property is very often easier than the process of renting.

As far as healthcare is concerned it is largely tax funded in Sweden which provides in a system which endeavors to ensure that everyone has equal access to medical care. Nevertheless, the statistics show that Sweden is 20% more expensive compared to New York.


This is a municipality in Norrbotten County which can be found in northern Sweden.  The name of this municipality, Jokkmokk is a Sami word for bend and river which becomes obvious when one sees that the town is in fact located near a bend in a river. According to data collected over decades this remains the poorest municipality in Sweden. Ironically, this is also the second largest municipality in Sweden and it is only slightly smaller than Slovenia. This size is not related to any amalgamation as has happened in other areas all across Sweden because Jokkmokk has been its current size since 1863 when municipalities was first formed. Buy a house here for $72,000.


Munkfors is located in Värmland County which is in the west central parts of Sweden. The origin of the name goes back to 1952 when the rural municipality Ransäter became a market town which eventually led to the name change and the town became Munkfors. In 1971 with the country wide reforms Munkfors became a municipality by itself without the addition of any territory.

In all of Sweden this is the 9th smallest municipality due to its population size. The original municipality was named after Erik Gustaf Geijer who has lived between 1783 and 1843. A High school was also named after this individual. One of the prime ministers of Sweden Tage Erlander also came from this area. Purchase a residential property for $70,000.


Ljusnarsberg is situated in Örebro County in the central part of Sweden. Kopparberg which is now part of the Ljusnarsberg municipality was actually separated from Ljusnarsberg in 1908 and the duo was only united once again in 1962. Kopparberg is laying close to the outlet of the Arboga River which is approximately 80 km north of Örebro. To the north of Kopparberg is the province of Dalarna. There is a popular winter resort in the area which is mountain Gillersklack and this is also one of the highest points in the region. Many different forms of skiing are practiced here. Ljusnarsberg is in fact surrounded by mountains and over the last couple of centuries this has always been a mining district. Houses is available for $69,000.


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This is a Municipality in Västmanland County which is located in the central part of Sweden. Stockholm is a distance of hundred kilometers away. Surahammar is in the southern part of the Bergslagen region an area which is rich in minerals. The municipality of Surahammar came into existence in 1963 and this resulted because of the amalgamation of Sura and Ramnäs. Since the 16th and 17th centuries there has been a large-scale steelmaking operations in this region. Several forges were therefore constructed in this region. Some of the steel mills were located in Surahammar, Ramnäs and Virsbo. The primary mode of transportation for this steel ore was by means of horse-sledges. Buy your own house for $67,000.


Timrå is located in Västernorrland County. This was a rural municipality for a long time until the town was made a market town in 1947. After an amalgamation with Hässjö the municipality of Timrå came into existence in 1971. This is forest and hill country and in fact over the decades the dominant industry in the area was actually forestry. All of the collected timber had to be transferred through numerous streams and rivers until they eventually reach the destination which was most often saw mills. This is why in an attempt to honor that memory the city arms are an emblem which includes water and trees. Buy a family home for $64,000.