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How To Prevent The Tooth Enamel Erosion?

Enamel is the toughest tissue in your body. It is a thin protective layer of the tooth, which can erode due to many reasons. Several foods, beverages, and activities are responsible for enamel erosion. You can prevent it if you know how to prevent enamel erosion.

What is the role of the tooth enamel?

Enamel protects your teeth when you chew, crunch, bite, and grind. It is hard enough to protect your teeth in regular activities. However, this protective layer of your tooth can crack and chip.

The tooth enamel protects teeth against chemicals and temperature changes. People with chipped or cracked enamel suffer from tooth sensitivity issue. You won’t like to experience such a painful condition. Therefore, you must follow the below-given tips to prevent tooth enamel erosion.

·         Reduce soft drink consumption:

Soft drinks do not go soft on the tooth enamel. Such beverages contain high levels of citric and phosphoric acids, which can cause serious damage to tooth enamel. People, who frequently consume soft drinks, have a yellowish layer over their teeth. They soon experience tooth sensitivity problem. Tooth pain becomes a common problem due to eroded tooth enamel.

·         Avoid certain fruit drinks:

You must be wondering about switching to fruit drinks because soft drinks can damage tooth enamel. There are certain fruit drinks, which are equally dangerous for your teeth’s protective layer. Do not consume citric fruit drinks excessively. They can erode your teeth more than battery acid! You are safe if you drink citric fruit drink just once or twice a day.

·         Avoid sugary foods:

Sugary foods are quite dangerous to your teeth, especially tooth enamel. You have to limit the consumption of such foods. If you don’t, plaque bacteria will turn that sugar into acids. Those acids can severely damage the enamel.

Soda, carbonated soft drinks, and other sugary foods pose a threat of enamel erosion. Reduce the consumption of such foods to keep the tooth enamel strong.

·         Brush your teeth gently:

You aren’t going to turn those yellowish teeth white if you put extra pressure while brushing your teeth. It is a wrong brushing technique and you can severely damage the enamel this way.

Never use a brush with hard bristles. Choose a toothbrush equipped with soft bristles. Brush your teeth for two minutes with that brush to remove plaque and bacteria. Thus, you will keep your teeth clean without damaging the tooth enamel. Do not worry about teeth stains! Try the Crest Whitening Strip to whiten your teeth quickly.

·         Avoid snacking throughout the day!

You have to monitor the snack intake if you want to improve your oral hygiene. The chances of tooth decay increase if you snack throughout the day. You may consume various starchy and acidic snacks that will stick in-between your teeth. Bacteria will turn that starch into acid and that acid will damage the tooth enamel.

Avoid munching throughout the day. Take 3-4 meals to stay fit and protect the enamel. Thus, your oral hygiene will improve and the chances of enamel erosion will be quite low.

What can you do to strengthen the tooth enamel?

There are many ways to strengthen the tooth enamel. You can chew sugar-free chewing gum. It will boost saliva secretion in your mouth, which will strengthen your teeth. Switch your ordinary toothpaste with fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth. Do not miss your regular dental checkup to avoid oral health issues.

You will have to change certain habits to strengthen the tooth enamel. Those simple changes can make your teeth stronger and whiter. So, do it before it is too late because dental treatments can be quite costly!