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How To Have White Teeth?

No one likes to smile with discolored teeth. We all look for ways to whiten our teeth and have a glorious smile. Teeth inevitably begin to stain during a natural process. However, there are various reasons and factors leading to this dental defect. And fortunately, there are different ways to have white teeth as well. Going for the dental treatment called teeth whitening treatment is the best way o remove stains from the teeth. But, some people may prefer not to go for this method and try to find some natural ways instead. Today, an experienced cosmetic dentist applying teeth whitening in downtown Vancouver  is with us to explain more about teeth discoloration and some natural ways to remove them. Do not miss reading this.

Why Do We Face Discolored Teeth?

There are several reasons for teeth discoloration. Foods and drinks are the most important. Besides, smoking a lot will lead to discolored teeth. Aging is another factor in facing stained teeth. When we get older, our teeth’ enamel gets thinner; as a result, our dentin appears, and we observe yellow teeth.

What to Do for Teeth Whitening?

It is suggested to brush and floss your teeth daily. You can choose lemon juice for having white teeth. Baking soda is also another helpful method. Some people believe that mixing baking soda and lemon juice is ideal for having white teeth.

You can also choose special toothpaste and strong ones to have white teeth.

Are these natural remedies effective? The answer is yes, but not as much as expected. In other words, all mentioned natural remedies can whiten your teeth a little. Besides, it should be noted that applying these natural remedies to your teeth repeatedly is dangerous and can harm your teeth after a period.


Luckily, the most used and standard treatment for stained teeth is teeth whitening which is considered one of the safest procedures among cosmetic treatments. Unlike people’s ideas, this cosmetic dental method is not expensive. Besides, various dental clinics have many payment options to help people go for different cosmetic dental methods.

When you refer to a dental clinic for getting this cosmetic dental process, your teeth will be cleaned, and then a dental exam will also be done to check for any possible dental issues. Those with sensitive teeth may not be good candidates for a tooth whitening procedure since the method itself brings some extent of tooth sensitivity.

The process can be done in an office or even at home using special kits. The first one is faster and safer. You may just need to spend an hour in a clinic to have your desired white teeth. Still, it’s better to take a day off when you have an appointment to whiten your teeth.

Many patients become extremely sensitive after having teeth whitening treatment because of their toothpaste. Changing your usual toothpaste and switching to a sensitive one before having teeth whitening treatment will help you reduce the chance of discomfort after the procedures.