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Drug Use and Students

Substance abuse is quickly becoming a major crisis for our country and the number of able-bodied individuals that otherwise would have been functioning members of society but have been reduced to addicts that are only looking for their next fix. This addiction drives their families and friends away from them as they become a social and financial strain for the people around them. This leads them to get cut off from the rest of their families. This is the most tragic part because in the state they are in they need the support of the people around them but since their behavior drives away their loved ones they are cemented in their addiction and become more and more irredeemable. When it comes to addiction no demographic is more at risk than the student population especially the college-going students. These students are the future of our nation and seeing them fall prey to substance abuse is disheartening and should be seen as a wake-up call for the authorities to step and crackdown on the people that are slowly poisoning our youth. If you or someone near you is involved in substance abuse, consider Rehab as it provides the best chance that you or your loved one have to become a functioning member of society again, click for more info.

College students are among the most susceptible to fall prey to substance abuse and it is partly due to how our society behaves in regard to drugs. Movie and television have time after time portrayed drugs in ambiguous light making it seem like something that is just wrong enough to be rebellious without any serious repercussions. This attracts students and tempts them into substance abuse. The false perception that drugs are not that dangerous is very distressing as the number of addicts and substance abuse-related diseases are on the rise. The number of people who die as a result of overdosing on drugs or due to using different drugs at the same time is also alarmingly high. Drugs use is often depicted in movies and tv shows through characters who are free, rebellious spirits and who do not care about what think of them or it is portrayed through troubled characters who are going through tough times.

Drug use on campus persistsThe Journal

Young people find both types of characters to be very relatable and oftentimes are unconsciously inspired by these characters. The students can also use these characters and their actions to subconsciously argue for themselves to use drugs. These changes in perceptions mean students no longer consider drugs to be dangerous, and since they are no longer apprehensive of using drugs or consider them harmful, they see no reason to stop using them. After a while even if they start to feel that they should avoid drugs their bodies have become hooked and they believe that they cannot live without drugs assigning it the same importance as food or drinks. This type of addiction at such an early age means that by the time they get old their bodies are riddled with diseases or more likely they do not even reach that age dying of diseases or overdose well before.

Drug use has been related to high tension levels. Students experience some of the highest stress levels. They often have packed schedules and are expected to fulfill their requirements and then achieve something extra as well. It is as if the teachers and parents are expecting them to exceed their expectations. Moreover, the way our job markets work if a person is without anything that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd, they will have a mediocre career at best, and not finding a job is also a possibility.

The high number of addicts among the younger generation is alarming and if action is not taken promptly then the future of our country is in trouble.