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Am I An Addict? Questions to Ask Yourself if you Drink Too Much




If you drink or use drugs on a routine basis, you may well be an addict. Here are questions to ask yourself to get to the root of the matter.

The problem with addiction is that it creeps up on us. We don’t notice it often until it is too late. If we did, we would put a stop to it before we had to suffer the consequences… and the consequences can be severe. There are certain drink and drug addictions that can lead to a sure death. If you don’t receive the right kind of support and treatment needed to quit, you could see yourself spiralling downwards with no hope in sight.

So, if you have been drinking too much, smoking too much, or injecting too much, ask yourself the following questions. Before we get to those questions though, let’s review what you can do about it if you are addicted to drink or drugs.

What to Do If You Think You’re an Addict?

If you think you have an addiction, then you should reach out to rehab support service near you. You can get some help on the NHS and you should visit your doctor. However, if you take advantage of the free consultation services offered by companies such as Verve Health, then you will be sure to get the best information from the private health sector, too. They may treat your addiction without you having to go to hospital or facilitate your recovery through their own rehab services.

There is nothing wrong with getting NHS help but there are lengthy wait times and Covid has thrown everything into the air. Rehab from a private service puts you in the driver’s seat.

Are you an Addict? Questions to Ask Yourself

If you think you are suffering form an addiction, then there are questions you can ask yourself to be sure. Here are our top picks on what to ask and what the answers are.

Alcohol Addiction: Signs, Complications, and Recovery

Question 1 – Do I Drink More Than 14 Units A Week?

Well? The NICE recommend that you have 14 units maximum every week. Bearing in mind that a pint and a glass of wine are more than two units each, what’s the answer? Hitting 14 units occasionally is fine, but if it’s every week, you should consider an addiction treatment service near you.

Question 2 – Do I Hide My Drinking/Drug Taking Habits?

Do you hide how much money you have spent that month on drink or drugs form your partner? Is it the physical activity of drinking that you are ashamed of? Whatever it is, nipping it out quickly is better than spending a fortune on costly treatments in later life.

Question 3 – Could I Quit Tomorrow?

If you wanted to, could you quit without help? If the answer is no, then you may have an addiction.

Question 4 – Do I Need Help?

If you need help to quit drinking, then reach out today. Don’t wait. The longer you leave an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the worse the problem becomes. Stop it now and you will be doing your future self a favour.