Acceptance Is The First Step

This is something that you will learn while at a drug rehab centre.

Of the ‘12 Steps’ Programme, the first step on the path to recovery is admitting that you have a problem- “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” this by definition surrendering to your addiction. By surrendering you admit that your addiction is out of your control – you need to place control in other people’s hands.

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol you’re on a never ending quest for the next high because your addiction is what leads you to believe that you can’t be happy without it. Addiction affects your perception of what is right and what is wrong. There have likely been many times where you’ve stated to your family and friends that you can ‘stop whenever you want’. However if that were true then you would have stopped many moons ago – you need help.

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People have this idea that surrendering is a sign of weakness – the ultimate idea of giving up. However that is not true – historically surrendering is an acknowledgement that as the situation stands you will not be able to succeed and therefore need to accept that and surrender. Admitting you have no control over a situation is not easy to do people who like to be right and never give up – giving up control is hard for some people to do. However we must accept that some things in life are much too great to control and addiction is one of those things.


When you try to fix things yourself while under the influence of drugs you cannot recognise your limitations for what they are and you may not have a clear grasp on your vulnerabilities. Surrendering is about being honest with ourselves in that we require help.

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Putting faith in a higher power is a common thing that recovering addicts do in order to contribute to recovery, other options are believing in counsellors to give help and advice. You need to rely on others to overcome this. Surrendering and learning how to truest, connect and have faith all lend towards your recovery. It may be scary at first walking down an unknown path and not knowing who you are without addiction but willing to take the risk is the first step to the great path to recovery.