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5 Habits To Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

You need to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure that your gums and teeth remain healthy. Oral health often influences the overall health of an individual. It is advisable to inculcate some healthy habits in your daily life to maintain oral hygiene. Read this article to know about proper dental care.

1. Brush Regularly

People need to brush their teeth twice every day. However, it becomes effective only when you use the correct technique. You should brush your teeth in small circular motions.

You must remember that brushing aggressively will damage the gums and tooth enamel. It is advisable to use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Also, change your toothbrush every three months or before that if the brush looks frayed.

2. Floss Once A Day

Flossing helps in removing bacteria and plaque from areas where a toothbrush can’t reach. It is also an effective method for preventing bad breath. However, flossing incorrectly will cause you pain, and plaque won’t be removed effectively.

3. Go To Regular Dentist Appointments

Every individual should go for regular dental checkups at least once every six months. A dental examination enables a dentist to clean the teeth by removing plaque and hardened tartar. A dentist can also detect signs of cavities and other gum diseases.

4. Avoid Smoking

Smoking harms the immune system of your body. This makes it difficult to heal tissues, including the ones in the mouth. Smoking increases the risk of gum diseases. Moreover, people who smoke take time to heal from a dental procedure.

Smoking is also responsible for affecting the appearance of your mouth. It causes yellowing of the tongue and teeth. Smoking is also a cause of bad breath.

5. Use A Mouthwash or Breath Spray

Mouthwashes and breath sprays can improve your oral hygiene. Mouthwashes often contain chlorhexidine. It is an antibacterial agent that helps in controlling plaque. You can also ask your dentist which mouthwash to use.

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Summing Up

Practicing oral hygiene will keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your life. Brush your teeth regularly and floss from time to time. You should also get yourself a dentist’s appointment every six months. Avoid smoking because it affects your oral health. You can also use a breath spray or mouthwash. However, a mouthwash or breath spray is not a substitute for brushing and flossing.