What to Know About Emergency Dental Issues?

Dental Issues

Dental Issues

Nowadays, most people tend to have stunning smiles with pearly white teeth. As a result, they care about their teeth more. Most people seek dental treatments any time it is needed to prevent an ugly appearance. But still, a few people ignore their oral health due to various reasons such as being busy in their daily life, not being able to afford the cost of dental treatments or being afraid of dental treatments. A professional dentist in New Westminster explains” nearly 13% of referrals to dental clinics in New Westminster are due to a dental emergency.”

Dental emergencies can happen suddenly at 2 a.m. while you are sleeping or during the day when you are at an important meeting. But the point is that if you care about your oral hygiene regularly and probably, you will probably not face severe emergency dental issues.

Generally, once you face an emergency dental problem, the most reasonable action is to run to an emergency dental clinic pronto. But still, there are some remedies to help you alleviate your dental pain till visiting your emergency dentist.


The most common dental issue is feeling pain in your tooth (teeth). This dental pain can be a minor or severe one. Even if you are not suffering from unbearable dental pain, it is highly suggested to have a dental appointment with your dentist to prevent this minor issue and treat it at its early stages. Although toothache is not always considered an emergency dental case, in most cases, it is needed to make an appointment with your emergency dental specialist as fast as you can.

There are some home remedies to reduce toothache until reaching an emergency dental clinic. For example, one of these natural remedies is applying a piece of garlic to the painful area. Then, using honey, onion, clove oil, and tea bag can be other helpful dental treatments to control your dental pain.

Observe Bleeding in your Mouth

Bleeding gum is also another common dental problem most people face. This dental issue is another case that can be both emergency or non-emergency. How? If you are one of those used to brushing your teeth too much or too hard, bleeding gums is probably one of your constant problems. In this case, this dental problem is not considered an emergency dental case. And, it can be easily solved by changing your way of brushing.

But, if you are one of those suffering from permanent bleeding gums due to unknown reasons, there is probably a serious problem with your teeth and gums. So, you should undoubtedly seek an emergency dental clinic pronto.

A Bad Taste in Your Mouth

feeling a bad taste in your mouth or a bad breath always is a significant sign alarming that this is the time to refer to an emergency dental clinic. Especially if you have had a dental filling before and know your mouth tastes something bad like metal, there is surely a problem with your dental filling, so do not hesitate to visit an emergency dentist quickly.

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