We’ve already covered belts, smart trainers, cardigans and shoes so if you’re new to the site, then invest an hour of your time to go over those articles and upgrade your style in moments. This week’s quick-read informative article covers a clothing item that is usually overlooked, but in times when polar bears slumber in my front garden and penguin congregate in Trafalgar Square, it’s time to wrap up everything including our hands. It’s time to get some gloves lads.

Avoid picking up the first pair of gloves from the sale stores. You’ll need a pair that’s relevant to your daily activity and overall style. There is more to know about gloves then you’d think. The moment you put on a well-chosen pair, you’ll understand what I’m on about. Here’s our top five glove types and what makes them stand out. Have a read and go get a decent pair.


I mention the word ‘fitted’ because this is key when choosing leather gloves. Most high street stores will be offering black and brown leather gloves. Every man should own both colours in leather, as they complement winter-coloured coats; blue, brown, black and green. When buying leather gloves make sure you get the closest possible fit; you don’t want excess material bunching around your fingers and making them look longer. My tip is to get them a little tighter then normal, because after a week’s wear the leather will give and expand to fit you perfectly.

A little test that I do with gloves is the phone test. Put the gloves on, pull out your phone and start pressing the buttons. If you can’t feel the buttons or end up pressing the whole key-pad, then the gloves are not slim-fit. Go for a thinner, more fitted glove that allows your fingers to feel the small details of the phone. Also, the strap on the end of some gloves allow for a slight taper, which closes the glove to your wrist to trap and maintain heat.

Pair these with a nice overcoat and almost any glasses, from rimless D&G to some of the more stylish Oakley sunglasses for a totally classy and classic look!


Some say they are a little feminine, but mittens are old-school and retro…not gay. They are widely available in cotton, but also come in suede and leather exteriors with lined inners. They are usually a pick for the more adventurous and creative as they come in mixed colours and patterns.

Mittens work well with chunky knits and more rugged winter coats, due to their un-fitted shape. Some mittens have foldable finger covers, which reveal your fingers whenever you should need them.


Out of all the gloves featured, driving gloves are the least warm. This is because they are designed to aid the grip of hands on a car steering wheel. You’ll notice that many have holes dotted around the outside of the glove as well as a massive space where the button down straps meet. Not too insulated ay? Well, thank God my moto is ‘Suffer for Style’, because these are the most stylish looking gloves. They fit like skin and are very thin, so your finger movement isn’t restricted. You feel like you don’t even have them on at times!

They are available in leather and suede and vary from plain block colours to mixed colours with intricate detailing. Very slick. They even work with fitted sweaters and won’t make your hands look massive. Just don’t use these when it’s snowing, you’ll hate us.


Usually the cheapest of the bunch and the least fitted, but for the practical guys out there, fleece gloves are arguably the warmest. Its inner lining traps heat longer than both wool and leather, thus keeping your hands toasty. And they’re as cheap as East London prostitutes (so I’ve heard) and can be found all over the floor in TK Maxx and other bargain stores.

They look odd when worn with fitted tops and coats as they look like Alfs hands have been attached to your arm. Wear them with parker jackets or coats with sleeve openings big enough to tuck the end of the glove neatly into them.


These were obviously designed by someone who was pissed off with normal gloves. Maybe a serial text messenger or pickpocket? Who cares! We benefit. Fingerless gloves are for the more adventurous. The classic conservative guy will stay clear. By allowing finger freedom, your hands are in full use. You’re totally receptive to what you touch and pick up, and your hands are warm at the same time. You can type, pick your nose and most importantly, draw pictures on steamed windows.

Available in loads of colours and mainly cotton composed, fingerless gloves work well with all coats bar formal ones.

So now there should be no freezing fingers. Feel free to leave your comments below as we’d love to hear what you have to say about those gloves.

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