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Tips to Clean Your Aligners

You were thrilled the day you found out you were a candidate for clear aligners for orthodontic correction. You dreaded the thought of looking at a mouth full of metal wires and brackets for months to come. Clear aligners will give you the same results. You’ll be able to enjoy the smile you always wanted while no one knows you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Check out these ways that will help you clean your aligners.

Your Aligners Need More than a Rinse

You may be tempted to simply rinse your clear aligners with warm water while you brush and floss each day. Consider using a solution that is commercially produced for your aligners. Otherwise, you can prepare a solution that is equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. It will help you to maintain the clear appearance of your aligners while killing bacteria as well.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Aligners

When you prepare to brush your teeth in the morning and at night, your aligners need brushing too. You should have a separate brush that is designated for cleaning your aligners. Make sure you choose a brush with soft bristles to avoid scratches on your aligners. Gently brush your aligners with a clear soap with a liquid base or a toothpaste that isn’t abrasive. Once you’ve brushed your aligners to eliminate any debris, germs, and bacteria that can build up over time, rinse them thoroughly.

Try Accessories that Target Your Clear Aligners

When you consider the Invisalign cost at the end of treatment, you’ll want to invest in products that have been designed specifically for your aligners. A soak in a product that is meant to sterilize your aligners or brighten them could make them truly seem to be invisible. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are putting your oral health first.

Don’t Use Mouthwash as a Soaking Solution for Your Aligners

You may be tempted to soak your aligners in your favorite mouthwash while you are rinsing your mouth. Think again. Your mouthwash could discolor your aligners, making them more noticeable to others. Maintaining a clear appearance is your priority.

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Denture Cleansers Can be Harmful to Your Aligners

Denture cleansers are intended to maintain the pearly white appearance of false teeth. They contain ingredients that are abrasive. Even though you only wear each set of clear aligners for a short time, you don’t want them to become scratched. Otherwise, your aligners won’t look their best while you are waiting for the next set.

Don’t Soak Your Aligners for Too Long

Clear aligners are most effective when you wear them for the recommended amount of time. Your orthodontist will specify a regimen for you. Wear your aligners for at least 22 hours to get to your end goal sooner. If you soak your aligners in the solution of your choosing, don’t let it cut into your treatment time.

Pay Attention to What You Drink

All of your efforts to clean your aligners will be in vain if you don’t take care of what you drink. While you are wearing your aligners, stick with clear liquids. If you would like to drink something like wine, fruit juice, coffee, or tea, remove your aligners. Otherwise, you could discolor them. You don’t want to be stuck with stained aligners until your next set comes in.

Use Teeth Whitening Products Over the Course of Your Treatment

You should use teeth whitening products on your teeth to make sure they sparkle. Your efforts to keep your aligners looking their best will pay off when your teeth are as bright as they possibly can be while you are straightening your teeth.

When you choose clear aligners, you are making an investment in creating an unforgettable smile. Take care of each set of your aligners over the course of treatment. No one will notice you are wearing anything to improve the appearance of your teeth when your aligners sparkle. All your efforts and money will pay off when you have a healthier mouth while taking care of your aligners.