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Myths And Facts About IVF Treatment

Infertility affects approximately 48.5 million couples every year which accounts for almost fifteen percent of the people. The issue of infertility has been occurring quite frequently in the past decade. There may be multiple factors that contribute to infertility. The most common factors that affect the fertility of an individual can be age, weight, lifestyle preferences, PCOS, low sperm count, fallopian tube blockage, etc.

By the grace of our scientific advancements, infertility can be taken care of if action is taken timely and you consult fertility specialists to help you resolve the situation. After trying for a year, couples must start consulting a fertility specialist to identify the issue and start working on it if the couple wish to start a family.

However, it is an undeniable plausibility that there are a lot of articles and blogs all over the internet and the general lack of information that is causing the prevalence of several myths around infertility treatment. In this article we have attempted to help bust the common myths so that you can make informed decisions.

Why Should We Get Our Facts Straight?

Even though infertility is a major issue all around the world, one must understand that infertility is not specific to any gender. It can affect either of the individuals and it might result in failure of the pregnancy.

Just like this, there are many other myths that exist amongst people and many facts that people turn a blind eye to. It is crucial to make the facts known to people. IVF is important for many families and ignorance regarding IVF might cost a ton to the ones who are considering it as an option.

To get the facts straight, we have curated a list of myths and facts that will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the procedure.

1. MYTH: If One Cycle Fails, All The Others Fail

FACT: If a couple fails to have a successful IVF cycle, it does not mean that all the hope is lost. It is important to understand the factors that caused the failure. Get the treatment accordingly so that you can achieve success in the next cycle.

Get yourself checked properly at a good IVF center. At KJIVF’s center in Delhi, a 100% transparency is maintained with the patients. We ensure that the patient is left out with no untrue details and all their doubts are solved before beginning the treatment.

2. Myth: Children Born Through IVF May Have Deformities Or Low Birth Rate

FACT: The risks involved with delivering a baby through IVF or normally are the same. The most important factor of consideration here is the age of the patient. If she is 35 years or above, it is very likely that she might encounter many complications throughout the course of pregnancy.

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IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) treatment: Common myths busted

3. Myth: IVF Is A Traumatic Procedure:

FACT: This myth has been circulating around for years now. With the advancement in medical technology and the recombinant drugs, IVF procedure has become absolutely simple. All in all, the procedure is absolutely safe and not at all traumatic.

At KJIVF, the doctors supervise every little step taken during the procedure so that the patients can relax during the entire procedure.

4. Myth: IVF Increases The Chances Of Developing Cancer:

FACT: This myth is absolutely untrue. There is no evidence or a scientific proof that IVF treatment or any other procedure causes cancer. This myth usually goes around hand in hand with the administration of medications. Hence, it is advisable to not perpetuate such myths and instead propagate facts so that people stay aware about the truth of IVF.

5. Myth: Complete Bed Rest Is Important After The Procedure:

FACT: The egg retrieval process might require rest for a day since the patient might experience some pain and pelvic heaviness. Besides that, once the embryo is implanted in the uterus, the mother can carry on with her routine. The only care that should be taken is that the mother must avoid strenuous activities. It is absolutely fine to do activities like she did before the implantation.

6. Myth: Only Young Couples Should Opt For IVF:

FACT: The best part about opting for IVF is that it covers a wide age group. The couples can resort to it even when the normal age of conceiving might not be optimum for the women. It can also be opted for the young couples who suffer through infertility. Though it must also be noted that the success rate is higher in the younger couples as they have an advantage of their age over the older individuals.

Educate Yourself Carefully

With vast amounts of materials available online, it becomes very easy for the individuals to get distracted by certain information online. It is advisable to read and educate yourself from trusted sources like the NCBI, Google scholar, science direct etc. Referring to these sites will help you have a better understanding of IVF and also prevent you from getting misguided. Never depend on the internet for medical diagnosis. Stay rightly informed, happy and healthy.

At KJIVF, we strongly believe that a potential mother and her partner must have genuine and true information about the IVF procedure. Our doctors are always available to guide you and make you privy to the facts that will paint a clear picture for you in regards to IVF.