High-Risk Pregnancies – Everything You Need to Know


Most of the times, having a baby is a natural process, but not all times the process will go on smoothly and unlined filling. A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there is an increased potential for an increased chance to have a complication or a potential problem that could affect either the mother or the baby. Now, these situations could occur against a background where there already are certain high-risk situations. To begin with before pregnancy or they would occur de novo during the ongoing pregnancy.

“When you learn that you are pregnant, consult your doctor about the possibility of a high-risk pregnancy. Openly discuss any pre-existing medical conditions, how they can be managed and the possible consequences on the same on labour and delivery.”

Dr Hrishikesh Pai stated this. He is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, majorly known for IVF treatment in Mumbai. He is one of the leading IVF surgeons in Mumbai helping couples who dream of having a baby also well experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies. Many more skilled surgeons in Mumbai frequently emphasize that by practising healthy behaviour and undertaking tests early, you can minimize the chance of a high-risk pregnancy.

Dr Hrishikesh Pai further stated that – Yes the word high-risk might sound scary but if appropriately managed. We can optimize the outcomes, and having a high-risk pregnancy does not necessarily mean that you will always end up in complications or problems. So let’s look at the symptoms or factors leading to the high-risk pregnancy cases-


  • So where do these high-risk situations arise from pre-existing ones could be if the maternal age is at extremes either you have somebody who’s too young or the weather is too old.
  • Second, there could be certain medical disorders that the woman already undergoes through things like high blood pressure sugar a kidney problem along with conditions some heart disorders the seizure disorder or epilepsy certain autoimmune diseases chronic infections.
  • Now having these, to begin with, can have specific implications during pregnancy for this woman they could be a family history of certain genetic disorders.
  • There could have been previous adverse outcomes or not critical situations like having the final preterm delivery having the child that was stillborn or consuming certain drugs or medicines or having had two or three or even more abortions.
  • They could beat a whole lot of conditions that could arise de novo during pregnancy. Now, this could be if she’s carrying on multiple jurisdictions say supposing you’re carrying twins you have triplets, or you carry an even higher number of regular see maybe if you’ve become more frequent again and again. Maybe if the time interval between the two pregnancies was significantly less then also you’re going to go down in the nutrition, and that would pose a high-risk situation.
  • If there is the development of high blood pressure during pregnancy or there is a development of abnormal sugars during pregnancy or what we call it gestational and attics. These again are hydrous situations which need specialized care by the things that would include a lower line placenta which would make the women more prone to a bleeding abnormality during pregnancy.

There could be specific abnormalities with the baby as well as they could be a structural or a developmental abnormality or could be particular issues with the growth of the baby. If the development of the baby is not going on the right curve, if it is occurring less during pregnancy like if the water’s around the baby are less or if the blood supply going to the baby is less.


Even if you do not have a pre-existing health problem, it would undoubtedly be a good idea to climb research before planning the pregnancy to assess the situation better. It could even be a suggestion to start some measures to decrease the risk of having complications during pregnancy potentially.

Some of these measures start by taking folic acid supplementation in steering pregnancy to be getting the proper immunizations before you plan a pregnancy. Duplicating onto a healthy diet and maintaining good bait and exercise schedule before pregnancy which can be continued during pregnancy and the avoidance of certain drugs tobacco and alcohol to say the least for high-risk pregnancy management.

It is essential that you have the team taking care of you and this team involves the excellent doctor. Begin with this team consists of an expert who specialized in taking care of women with such sort of complications anticipated a trained neonatology team. And a good NICU facility round-the-clock nurses who are specially equipped and trained to deal with this time for the situation as well as other health care professionals.

When we need to have more visits in the management of the high-risk pregnancy, also who need to be on scripted surveillance with probably the need for more investigations as well with your doctor, then you would need to discuss what are the symptoms to watch for what would be the warning situations and when to reach the hospital immediately.

If any such emergency arises, you would also sit down with your doctor and then you would be given a plan of management that would be formulated and individualized as per your situation, and doctor need to step onto that plan to optimize the outcomes but yes if high-risk-pregnancy managed to well manage appropriately in a good setup it would not forever be a high-risk pregnancy, and you would soon have a good outcome where you and your baby are always in safe hands,